3K Twitch Subscriber Giveaway!

In December 2017 we were sitting at 800 subscribers (an all time high for me), when I announced my goal for the year 2018: to get to 1,000 subscribers!

On January 14th of 2018 we reached 1,000 subscribers.

On January 29th of 2018 we reached 2,000 subscribers.

On February 14th of 2018 we reached 3,000 subscribers.

Now, on February 25th of 2018 we are sitting at 3,400 subscribers!!!!!!

The growth in our community has been insane and it is all due to our wonderful and welcoming community and our generous supporters such as WisperWillows.

In celebration of reaching 3,000 Twitch subscribers, our most generous donator, WisperWillows, has sponsored this MASSIVE giveaway for the Sypherhood community. 

$7.4k in prizes!


Giveaway Items.png

Sypher, how do i enter the giveaway?

To enter this giveaway please follow all of my social media (linked below) and enter the gleam link!

Sypher, how are the winners being picked?

Great question! This giveaway is for everybody! However, this giveaway was started as a way to give back and show appreciation to the most loyal and contributing members of our Sypherhood Community. Therefore, the prices are split into 2 categories: follower giveaway & the legendary giveaway.

What this means is the winners of the big ticket items (consoles & monitors) will be chosen on a separate criteria than the general give away. You do not need to enter twice for this--simply following my social media & completing the Gleam form will enter you into BOTH tiers (if you are qualified).

For clarification on the eligibility criteria please see below:

Legendary Giveaway

Follower Giveaway

That's it!



Winners will be announced on stream on advertised date. Winners have 1 weeks to submit the claim form to receive their prize. The claim form can be found at twitch.tv/sypherpk after the on and after 3/21/18. Failure to submit a form will be taken as notice to forfeit prizes. Prizes will take up to a month to be mailed after announcing winners. Please be patient!

The Giveaway entries will close on SATURDAY, March 31. Winners will be announced on stream on the same day! 

You do not have to be present to win! Simply entering is enough. We will reach out to winners and you will have 1 week to claim your prize before you lose it. 

We want to take this chance to say thank you to all of you who have shown love in the stream and followed us through our whole journey--we know who you are and your loyalty does not go unnoticed. It is through the community that this stream has grown and continues to grow at an insane rate. The atmosphere created by all of you is what keeps this thing going and keeps bringing in new people into our little community. 

GG and have fun!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,


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