Modding Guide


Hello my fellow Moddies!

All twitch streams have their own unique ambiance.  Here in the Sypherhoood, we strive to keep chat a friendly and positive!

It's not a coincidence that our regulars are more mature and well above the average twitch viewer age. It's because we encourage conversation in our chat and prevent toxicity as much as possible. We want everyone to have fun and have a good understanding of their role, so I have put together a general mod / chat guide to get us all stay on the same page.

How do I become mod

If you have to ask for it, chances are you won’t be given the sword. Most broadcasters choose their mods based of their own community guidelines. How active is this person in the stream? How often are they around? How helpful are they, etc?

Your best chances at being picked up for modding in a stream is simply being active and acting as a mod before even being one! For example, being helpful to viewers when they ask questions, helping with identifying commands when other viewers ask, engaging other people in conversation to keep the chat flowing, etc. There are lots of things you can do to prove to the stream that you are a great asset.

Don’t be that annoying guys asking for mod.

Appropriate use of Timeout and Bans

In our community, we are quick to ban. With the channel’s growing popularity, we must re-evaluate this policy. Let’s aim to be a little more lenient on offenders and fit the proper punishment to the crime.

Permanently bannable offences:

  • Racist / homophobic comments.
  • Self-advertising (Twitch, Youtube, and any social media)
  • “This stream/streamer sucks, I’m going to watch X streamer”, and the like
  • Extreme hatred

24 hour bans:

  • Repeated rudeness
  • Continuous attempts at inciting drama
  • Repeated spamming or nonsense after multiple purges

Timeouts (~10 mins):

  • Disrespecting fellow viewers and / or mods
  • Being incredibly annoying
  • Begging for handouts
  • Spamming the same phrase/question 5000 times
  • Inciting drama


  • Spam, etc

This is a general guideline, do not take this as a be all / end all.

As you can see, punishments are dished out based on the severity of the offense. Try to think: is this person just being annoying or is this simply the type of person that will never have anything to offer our community (e.g. is this someone that comes in to chat for the first time and starts spewing toxicity and hatred from the beginning, vs a regular viewer that is annoying from time to time?). These are the things we need to keep in mind as we moderate the chat. Don’t stress over it, but give it a little thought before committing to the final action!

Modding Tools


For a better modding experience, many mods use BTTV by Nightdev. BTTV is a browser extension that you can get in your browser's plugin store (it's free). This extension adds a lot of chat tweaks. Some of the most useful tools for mods are the live modding log and updates in chat, and the quick timeout/ban functions.

It can be a bit unreliable. If it is ever acting up try refreshing your page or tossing your computer in the garbage to fix it.

Twitch LogViewer

This is a lesser known tool but one of the most helpful, in my opinion! It logs the chat history for the entire stream and lets you look up the chat history of anyone that has typed in chat. This tool is amazing when having to confirm a “he said / she said” situation. Many mods will get whispers from banned / timed-out people asking to be unbanned because “they didn’t do anything wrong!”. With this, you can simply go look at their name and find their chat history. It makes it super simple to mod!

I usually have this pulled up while I’m watching the stream for quick reference.  

Click here to go to the SypherPK Log Viewer

Mod Room in the Stream Chat

Many streams will have a “Mod Room” that is accessible to only mods. The great thing about these rooms is that it does not refresh and keeps the chat log. I find this function particularly useful if you need to communicate with other mods in the stream or make a record (Please don’t unban JOE3000 because ……..). It’s also great for coordinating giveaways or activities in the stream.

You will know there is a new message in the chat when you get a red dot on the top right icon of your chat.


Discord is a great way to stay connected and in sync with fellow mods and broadcasters. Use it to communicate with other community members.

The Sypherhood has a new mod channel where we will be discussing mod stuff!

Communicate with the broadcaster.

Many broadcasters just mod and forget. We don’t want to do that here. We encourage open communication between mods and broadcaster (Manishie, not Sypher).  I love getting new ideas from our mods because, after all, it’s the mods that are there to fulfill chat’s needs. No one knows the needs better than our mods! That being said, please come to me if you have any ideas or suggestions for the stream. We are always open to them and try to fulfill as many as we can!

Final Words:

You are a mod because the broadcaster trusts you, and therefore, they trust your judgment. A good broadcaster will let their mods do their job without too much interference. If you and the broadcaster are butting heads on your modding decisions then take that as a sign that you both need to disccuss your thoughts and ideas and come to terms with a mutual understanding of the channel's needs. 

Sypher and I really, really appreciate every single one of our mods. At the end of the day, please remember that you should be having fun with this! It is a gaming stream! We’re all here to have a good time. If at any time you feel that the modding experience is detracting from your entertainment and you don’t want to do it anymore—reach out to us. We completely understand and will take care of it with no hard feelings.

We know the hard work you guys put into keeping our chat active and engaging day in and day out and we can’t thank you enough!