Clockwork City Stamina Nightblade Build by SypherPK


Clockwork City Stamina Nightblade!


Sets: 5x Eternal Hunt (Crafted, Stamina Glyphs)
          - 3x Impenetrable
          - 2x Well-Fitted
         3x Agility Jewlery (Robust, Weapon Damage Glyphs)
         2x Selene's Undaunted (Impen/Well-Fitted, Stamina Glyphs)
         1x Master's Bow (Infused with Weapon Damage enchant)
         1x Maelstrom Maul (Nirnhoned, Use damage poisons)

Abilities: Bar 1 (2H) - Rally, Mass Hysteria, Ambush, Surprise Attack, Executioner
               Bar 2 (Bow) - Poison Injection, Vigor, Shuffle, Relentless Focus, Dark Cloak

Mundus Stone: Serpent (Stamina Recovery)

Food: Gold Food (Ozarga Bear)

Champion Point distribution can be found in the build video: