Fight Nights

Fight Nights are Twitch Subscriber PvP tournaments. It is not one huge tournament, but many smaller tournaments and challenges. Filled with live commentary by Sypher, giveaways, and prizes for winners. Everyone who is a Twitch Subscriber and has access to Teamspeak/Discord is eligible to participate. We will have separate Fight Nights for PC/Xbox/PS4 NA/EU.  


Schedule for January:

January 9th: PC NA  --- 2PM-6PM US Central

January 10th: PC EU --- 12PM-4PM US Central

January 23rd: Xbox NA --- 2PM-6PM US Central

January 24th: PS4 NA --- 2PM-6PM US Central

January 30th: Xbox EU --- 12PM-4PM US Central

Januarty 31st: PS4 EU --- 12PM-4PM US Central

All you have to do is tune into the Twitch stream on these days and I will give the subscribers further instructions.