Advanced Berserker Guide


Berserk is one of the hardest classes to pull off. However, with the right mechanical skill and character awareness he can be a force to be reckoned with.

Parry Game

  • Berserker gets a top heavy on every parry. Light Attacks, Zone Attacks, and Heavy Attacks.

  • Berserker also gets a heavy attack in the same direction of the parry if he is OOS (Out of Stamina)

  • Off a Parry that isn’t long range he gets a GB and can throw into a wall for top heavy. This does more damage than just doing a regular top heavy because Berserker’s throw does 8 damage.

  • Berserker has a Parry Riposte, if you press light attack right after a parry he will throw a quick guaranteed light attack. This is only useful while outnumbered or vs a Shugoki who has hyper armor up. Versus a Shugoki you can parry his light attack, use the light riposte into a top heavy finisher.

2. Max Punishes

  • If you parry an opponent who is out of stamina. You get a Side Heavy attack into top heavy finisher. Total Damage: 88.

  • If you parry someone and get them out of stamina. You GB them, throw them forward and do a side heavy into top heavy finisher. Total Damage: 96.

  • If you parry someone and they have a sliver of stamina left. If your throw is going to run them out of stamina throw them to the side. They will fall down and you can attempt the side heavy into top heavy combo. Sometimes the side heavy will miss but if you are near an environment throw them into it to guarantee the side heavy will land into top heavy. Total Damage: 96.

3. Hyper Armor

  • Berserker has hyper armor on the second hit and onwards for all his chains. It is important to use this hyper armor to trade with your opponent.

  • Whiffing a light attack into top heavy finisher can catch a lot of people off guard. Just make sure you are trading with more damage than your opponent is hitting you with.

  • While outnumbered constantly switching between targets using your hyper armor is very powerful and can give you the edge in an outnumbered fight.

  • Whiffing attacks such as lights, heavies, side dodge attacks, and forward leaping attacks are useful ways to open up your opponent to trade with your hyper armor.

4. Mind Games

  • Berserker doesn’t have a strong opener so you need to rely on out playing your opponent to win.

  • Berserker can feint a lot compared to the other characters, use his feints into GB and feints into light attacks to try to open opponents.

  • With chip damage you can whale on opponents and mix things up. Even if you don’t land attacks they will still take significant chip damage.