Magicka Dragonknight. We are almost there...

Build Video

Ability Bar 1 (One Hand + Shield OR dual wield):

1. Burning Embers

2. Lava whip (any morph)

3. Fossilize or Vampire Drain

4. Reflective Scales or Volatile armor (any morph)

5. Burning Talons (any morph)

Ult: Shooting Star and Shifting Standard

Ability Bar 2 (One Hand + Shield):

1. Deep Breath

2. Engulfing Flames

3. Mist Form

4. Igneous Shield

5. Coagulating Blood

Ult: Devouring Swarm


Armor Sets:

5x Rattle Cage (5 Body)

2x Blood Spawn or 2x Skoria or 2x Grothdar

5x Desert Rose (Weapons + Jewlery)


Races (my top 3):

Dark Elf (Max magicka + Fire Damage)

High Elf (Magicka Regen + Max Magicka + Elemental Damage)

Breton (Max Magicka + Spell Resistance + Reduce Cost)


PvP videos showcasing the Build in action! (Coming Soon)

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  • Email me at with your questions.