Sword and Board Destro Build (High Skill Required)

Build Video

Ability Bar 1 (Sword and Board):

1. Impale (execute)

2. Swallow Soul

3. Lotus Fan

4. Aspect of Terror (Fear)

5. Relentless Focus 

Ult: Soul Harvest

Ability Bar 2 (Destruction Staff):

1. Open - (Reapers Mark, Cloak, Sap Essence)

2. Mirage

3. Refreshing Path

4. Siphoning Strikes

5. Crippling Grasp

Ult: Eye of the Storm


Armor Sets:

5x Fassalas (Sword and Board 3 Body Pieces Destro Staff)

5x Rattle Cage (3x Jewlery and 2 Body Pieces)

2x Troll King or Skoria


Alternate Sets:

Rattle Cage x5 can be replaced with any magicka set.


Races (my top 2):

High Elf (Magicka Regen + Max Magicka + Elemental Damage)

Breton (Max Magicka + Spell Resistance + Spell Cost reduction)




PvP video showcasing the Build in action!

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