This Destruction based Sorcerer build has insane sustain while maintaining enough damage to get the job done.

Build Video

Ability Bar 1 (Destruction Staff [any type]):

1. Crystal Fragments

2. Crushing Shock

3. Structured Entropy

4. Endless Fury (execute)

5. Curse

Ult: Soul Strike or Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Ability Bar 2 (Restoration Staff):

1. Blessing of Restoration or Combat Prayer

2. Deadric Minefield

3. Streak

4. Healing Ward (Heal+Shield)

5. Hardened Ward (Shield)

Ult: Meteor or Atronarch


Armor Sets:

5x Kagrenac's Hope (4 Body + Weapons)

3x Arch Mage (3 Body)

3x Willpower (3x Jewlery)



Races (my top 3):

High Elf (Magicka Regen + Max Magicka + Elemental Damage)

Breton (Magicka Cost Reduction + Max Magicka)

Dark Elf (Max magicka + Fire Damage)

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