This Dragonknight Build combines the Dragonknight's superb resource management and survivability with highly sustained physical damage.


Build Video


Body: 7/7 Medium Armor
Shoulders: 1 Piece Molag Kena or 1 Piece Blood Spawn
Helm/Chest/Gloves/Belt/Pants: Shadow Walker – Trait: Infused on big / Divines on small.
Shoes: Shadow Walker – Trait: It is always Well-fit.

x1 Shadow Walker Ring

x2 Agility Jewelry

2-Handed Mace: Agility – Trait: Sharpened – Enchant: Crushing/Weapon Damge
Bow: Agility – Trait: Sharpened – Enchant: Disease

(Highly recommend undaunted sets: Blood Spawn; Engine Guardian; Malubeth; Valkyn Skoria)

Skill Set-up:

First Bar:
2-Handed Mace

Wrecking Blow (Morph of Uppercut)
Critical Rush (Morph of Critical Charge)
Executioner (Morph of Reverse Slash)
Rally (Morph of Momentum)
Unstable Flame (Morph of Searing Strike)
Ferocious Leap (Morph of Dragon Leap; Ultimate)

Second Bar:
Poison Injection (Morph of Poison Arrow)
Dragon Fire Scale (Morph of Reflective Scale)
Resolving Vigor (Assault)
Igneous Shield (Morph of Obsidian Shield)
Corrosive Armor (Morph of Magma Armor; Ultimate)
Shuffle (Morph of Evasion)


PvP videos showcasing the Build in action!

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