This Dragonknight Build is very tanky and has amazing sustain while still being able to dish out decent damage.


Build Video


Body: 5 Heavy Armor 1 Medium 1 Light (Undaunted 9)
Shoulders/Helm: 2 Piece Blood Spawn Trait: Impenetrable.
Chest/Gloves/Belt/Pants/Shoes: Black Rose – Trait: Impenetrable.


x3 Agility Jewelry

2-Handed Maelstrom 2h: Trait: Defending

One Hand + Shield: 2 Piece Morkulden (Sharpened Sword + Impen Shield)

(Highly recommend undaunted sets: Blood Spawn; Engine Guardian)

Skill Set-up:

2-Handed Bar:

Noxious Breath (Morph of Fiery Breath)
Critical Rush (Morph of Critical Charge)
Reverse Slice (Morph of Reverse Slash)
Rally (Morph of Momentum)
Volatile Armor (Morph of Spiked Armor)
Corrosive Armor (Morph of Magma Armor)

One-Hand and Shield Bar:
Heroic Slash (Morph of Low Slash)
Reverberating Bash (Morph of Power Slam)
Resolving Vigor (Assault)
Igneous Shield (Morph of Obsidian Shield)
Dawnbreaker of Smiting (Morph of Dawnbreaker)
Shuffle (Morph of Evasion)



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