Build Created By Sypher Ali

With the nerfs of the Imperial City update affecting the magicka Nightblade, we must adjust the build and play style to achieve great results.


Build Video (2 Builds)

Race (preffered):






Two Handed Bar:

1. Executioner (2h Execute)

2. Surprise Attack

3. Ambush

4. Mass Hysteria

5. Rally


Bow Bar:

1. Relentless focus / Mark Target / Caltrops

2. Poison Injection

3. Shuffle (Medium Armor Ability)

4. Resolving Vigor

5. Dark Cloak


Armor Sets:

2 Engine Guardian

5 Shield Breaker

3 Agility

PvP video showcasing the Build in action!

Need more info about the build?

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  • Email me at with your questions.