Ability Bar 1 (One Hand + Shield):

1. Blazing Shield

2. Structured Entropy

3. Vampire Drain

4. One handed Reflect (Spell Absorb)

5. Honor the Deat

Ult: Spell Wall (One handed ultimate)

Ability Bar 2 (Dual Wield):

1. Cleansing Ritual

2. Toppling charge

3. Puncturing Sweeps

4. Mist Form

5. Channeled Focus

Ult: Devouring Swarm (Vampire)


Armor Sets:

5x Plague Doctor (1 Body 1 Jewlery 3 Body)

5x Desert Rose (1 Body 2 Jewlery and Weapons)

2x Malubeth or 2x Bone Pirate

3x Willpower (sword + shield + necklace + necklace)


Races (my top 3):






The Zerg Stomping Healthplar

Build Video

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